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Fashion in a new digital environment

One of the most interesting developments happening right now in fashion is the disruption of Web3.0 and Blockchain. This new disruptive wave will not only be limited to fashion but will have a far-reaching effect on many industries as well.

As a modern luxury fashion house, it is vital for us to ensure that NIILI plays an important role in this new dynamic and ensure we develop an operating model that enables us to participate seamlessly between the physical and digital world.

I see Blockchain and the Metaverse as incredibly exciting technologies that will bolster many values I hold dear as a creative and business entrepreneur; traceability, transparency, community, copyright and sustainability to list a few.

Beyond the speculation and frenzy that shrouds the current cryptocurrency market lies a bright and optimistic future on the horizon. Blockchain is a technology that is in accelerated growth due to its strong communities, where members have the freedom and space to create and trade digital objects, information and knowledge. Community is of paramount importance, and we believe that this freedom and space will enable fashion brands to create genuine experiences by exploring new ways to communicate and exchange ideas.

Gaming has been the cradle of this new world and over the past couple of years, it has trailblazed the movement toward creating genuine experiences in the Metaverse. As such, we are enthusiastic about the new prospects of participating and interacting with our new communities.

I am excited for NIILI as a young brand that is based out of Dubai, a city and culture that lives in a part of a world where innovation is embraced with enthusiasm and where investments are strongly supporting this revolution.

Paula Quetglas, Creative Director of NIILI.