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How Arab girls are wearing their bags this season (you’ll need strong arms for this!)

Ready, set, biceps!
How to master the hands-free trend taking over your Instagram feed…

In today’s fashion landscape, trends are born on Instagram as much as on the runway, all thanks to a bevy of style savvy women who show ordinary Janes like us how to incorporate designer trends (some seemingly impossible) for real-world wear. And with a new season of wardrobe updates to make and new pieces to buy, who better to turn to than the stars making fashion pieces a viral success!?

What’s trending right now? Oversized clutches, pillowy totes, and tiny mini satchels are all barreling back into relevance, but how to wear them is virtually more important than the actual aesthetics of the bags themselves. Proving that a great accessory is about more than just design are Arab street style heroines Dana Hourani and Oumayma Elboumeshouli; the duo have been spotted flaunting their beloved bags nestled neatly in their arms. Yes, today’s new hands-on approach calls for bags not to be strung from shoulders, but rather, clutched or cradled in the crook of one’s arm.

A popular design championed by Soraya Bakhtiar and Lana el Sahely is Bottega Veneta’s ‘The Pouch’ — an oversized buttery leather clutch that has proven to be fashion catnip with almost every insider worth their salt. How do they wear theirs? Elegantly held between their perfectly manicured claws, no doubt!

So if you’re looking to add some sartorial hands-free savviness to your wardrobe; expect to be working on those biceps all season long!

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