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Some of Dior’s most iconic pieces have gotten the matte makeover

Dior's signature pieces have been given a modern twist just in time for the summer season...

A new season is officially upon us and with that comes the mandatory wardrobe update.

Luckily, Dior have just released a range of coveted handbags and trust us when we say they’re bound to be a head-turner. 

Playing on its signature pieces – think the emblematic Lady Dior, the Saddle and 30 Montaigne bag – the maison has reinvented its icons with a matte makeover. 

Offering wearers a chance to change it up from day-to-night, the new pieces of arm candy have been modernised in an ultra-matte finish with a palette that consists of immaculate white, pink, grey, green and blue. 

Presenting versatility and uniqueness, the matte finish has also been injected into a slew of accessories including the Saddle belt and 30 Montaigne glasses. 

Now, discover Dior’s exclusive capsule collection for the Middle East

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