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The W Hotels’ What She Said event launches in Amman, Jordan

Starting tonight
W Hotels is bringing its own brand of girl power to Amman, Jordan, this month...

Back in March, the W Hotel Dubai hosted its first ever What She Said event. The first of a four-part series of events, the night was held to celebrate the power and influence of women and to hear from successful females across the country about their lives and careers. After enjoying great success with the launch, W Hotels is now bringing the What She Said series to the W Hotel Amman in Jordan. 

Taking place tonight, the event is being hosted by Suhad Shtayyeh, the Founder and Creative Director of CIIN, and she will be joined by Reem Habayeb, the winner of the Global Citizen Prize and the co-creater of ceramic company Silsal, Farah Hourani, a Jordanian fashion designer and Fairouz Taqi El Din, the Director of Partnerships at Jordan River Foundation designs who worked on the organisation’s collaboration with IKEA

As evidenced by the panelists’ job titles, tonight’s panel will focus on fashion and design with the aim to inspire those present. When asked how she aspires to inspire those with whom she comes in contact through her job and everyday life, Farah Hourani told Buro 24/7 Middle East, “Inspiring others is a major responsibility, as it forces me to keep on creating and to push my limits with every collection. I try to support, promote and collaborate with creative minds and fellow designers. I believe it’s necessary for women to support each other and lift each other up.” Fairouz Taqi El Din agrees, telling us, “Being part of a passionate and powerful group of women leaders is what truly inspires me. My definition of power here is the ability for an individual to positively impact any given space they’re dedicating their time to, and for this to happen it requires passion, commitment and leadership. Many times, these positive impacts are small moments that ignite a spark which develops into inspiration.” 
“My definition of power is the ability for an individual to positively impact any given space they’re dedicating their time to.”
— fAIROUZ taqi el din
As for what makes an inspiring woman, Suhad Shtayyeh explains, “Inspiring women are defined by their vision, passion, perseverance and most importantly humanity. They see what others don’t and pursue it passionately and tirelessly. What sets them apart most however is their sensitivity to others, this is what truly defines them as inspiring women.”

And thanks to the introduction of social media, finding these women is easier than ever, says Reem Habayeb. “Social media has made it possible to search, read and listen to inspiring women easily. No we access to all kinds of successes and not necessarily just famous people. Whenever I am toying with an idea or a project, it is such a pleasure to find these inspirational ladies and read about their persistence and perseverance. It never fails to inspire me.” 

The What She Said event at W Hotel Amman, Jordan, is on a first come, first served basis. To join the list, email 

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