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So, ‘Type D’ is now an officially recognised personality type

Are you A, B, C or D?
Never quite sure how to categorise your personality type? It might be because you didn't know a fourth category existed. Until now...

We all know a Type A personality and can list their attributes pretty quickly (highly competitive, driven, prone to stress), and we certainly know plenty of Type B (calm, relaxed, low stress levels) and Type C’s (non-assertive, sensitive, diplomatic) but it turns out that a fourth personality type exists. Introducing: Type D. 

Explained in a recent article by Psychology Today, the D in Type D stands for distressed as “individuals in this group are likely to be anxious, lonely and perhaps even traumatised.” Susan Krauss Whitbourne, a US psychology professor and the author of the article, also writes that recent research from the University of Northern Colorado shows that Type D’s have an increased risk of cardovascular disease as they tend to bottle up their emotions, saying, “Type D individuals may not actually experience anxiety and depression in terms of mood state (how they feel) because they suppress their negative emotions. By trying to reign in their negative feelings, they only exacerbate their risk of cardiac disease.”

The Type D category was confirmed after the researchers examined 89 university students, 63 of whom were female,  via an eye examination (which shows how they reacted to certain scenarios) and through a series of questions and statements. It was first introduced by psychologist Johan Denollet from Tilburg University who developed a test to help people determine if they were Type D

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