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BURO. London celebrates its first anniversary with BURO.One series

Happy birthday!
Our London partner rang in their first milestone amidst a pandemic — here's how they're celebrating this unusual year...

Around this time last year, BURO. London officially launched as the first western Europe branch of the BURO network. Now, they’re celebrating their first birthday.

The publishing house has had its fair share of challenges in their first year, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic posing significant difficulties for all businesses, budding and established. However, their mesmerising, digital-heavy visuals and their unique, considered content has proven to be resilient despite the unprecedented circumstances.

To celebrate, BURO. London is commemorating this year with BURO.One — a retrospective collection of all their most popular features from the past year. In addition, BURO.One aims to aid and nurture both the industry and the consumer through both engaging content and virtual eventing across the network. Further influenced by the New Normal, the BURO. London team has created an agenda for 2021, realised through three initiatives: BURO.BeBURO.Workshop, and BURO.Code.

BURO.Be is a multi-media guidebook to navigating change, with Nowstalgia’s Unscheduled Programming offering a way around the strict guidelines of social distancing. It is a tool to be used by the BURO. audience, to help them reset through wellbeing, work, shopping and sustainability.

BURO.Workshop is another approach true to the BURO. London ethos of digital-first marketing. The initiative will allow users to experience a virtual recreation of a brand’s key marketing pillars on multiple digital platforms. Here is a recent example of this-working with the Italian Trade Commission, BURO. London produced this ‘Italy-meets-US’ digital platform meant to help Italian luxury fashion brands grow their businesses in the United States.

BURO.Code will work to help BURO. London’s partners to adapt to the digital space, with the help of the publisher’s in-house creative agency. The ‘BUROfication’ of 2D press and e-commerce shots will help reimagine the digital presence of their partners (read: BURO will add their trademark ‘visually dynamic flair’ to the digital content of their partners) .

Finally, here is a word from the BURO. London editorial team:

This story was first published on BURO. Malaysia.