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Beirut explosions: Here’s what you can do for Lebanon right now

Lebanon has suffered yet another tragedy and here's how to help Beirut's explosion victims...

On August 4, thousands of people were injured in Beirut after two massive explosions took place in Lebanon, more specifically they rippled throughout the capital of Beirut. Causing widespread damage that consisted of blowing out windows, overturning cars and flattening buildings, the tragedy just adds to the country’s intensifying economic crisis, political unrest, famine and the continuity of the coronavirus pandemic.

The explosions were captured just moments before it happened as a thick layer of smoke billowing around central Beirut was spotted due to a reported fire at a warehouse port. Whilst the cause of the blast could not immediately be identified, the mushroom cloud enveloping the area was followed by apocalyptic scenes of the aftermath.

If you’re across seas or like us, feel completely helpless to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, we’ve rounded up ways you can help as the country is running out of resources fast and hospitals are inundated with new victims.

1. Donate to a disaster relief fund

Beirut is in dire need of financial aid to repair the damages cause by the explosion and Impact Lebanon is an initiative that has called upon for donations that will help the Lebanese Red Cross and other NGOs. “We are raising funds for a number of NGOs whose needs we are currently assessing with the support of @3qahub. We are inspired by the work of the Lebanese Red Cross and are donating the first £100,000 to support their work.”

2. Give blood

If you are based in Lebanon, the Lebanese Red Cross has issued an urgent call for blood donations from all blood types. Here is a list of places you can give blood. Careem in Lebanon has also offered free rides to those donating blood at donation centers, which can be availed using the promocode DONATEBLOOD. 

3. Donate to a local NGO

Activists have been building a crowd-sourced list of additional local groups and resources, which you can find here.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lebanon and the Lebanese community around the world.