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Change your tune for the weekend with BURO’s weekly playlist brought to you by the ‘IT’ djs in town.

Today, look no further than this super-duper playlist curated to take you on a sonic adventure by Paul Svenson. So, whether you’re looking to jam out with friends or chill this week-end, hit play and let the music take over. Get ready to be transported to a whole new world of sound and enjoy the ride.

Enter the realm of captivating beats, where Paul Svenson, the maestro of sound, reigns supreme. Hailing from the sun-kissed south of France, this prodigious DJ and producer has been enthralling audiences with his transcendent tunes since 2009, leaving hearts spellbound in his wake. From illustrious venues across Europe to the mystique-laden lands of the Middle East, he has woven a legacy as an enigmatic artist, his allure growing stronger with each passing year.

His tracks ‘Karuneshh’ (2019) and ‘Joined Hands’ (2022) have set the world aflame, igniting a fervent following on acclaimed platforms like Beatport and beyond. As his musical journey unfolds, the evolution of his sound becomes apparent – a mesmerizing fusion of deep house, melodic techno, and infectious house music, serenading the soul with each note.

Behind the decks, Paul exudes an electric charisma, sharing limelight with the likes of musical titans – Black Coffee, Tale of Us, and Damian Lazarus, to name but a few. In every performance, he casts a spell, becoming a force of nature in his own right.

Venturing into new territories, Paul embraced the role of music director at iris Dubai, unveiling the groundbreaking event “404_notfound” – a pilgrimage for music enthusiasts seeking to escape the ordinary. Dubai’s nocturnal sky has been set ablaze by his captivating presence, gracing esteemed locales like 404 at Iris Dubai on Thursdays, Hide To Gather at Chanca By Coya on Fridays, and the legendary Iris brunch on magical Saturday afternoons.

As the music realm beckons him onward, Paul Svenson’s future burns bright, with a symphony of exhilarating projects on the horizon. This virtuoso is poised to carve his indelible mark into the very heart of the music world, a legend in the making, destined to resonate through eternity.