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Change your tune for the weekend with BURO’s weekly playlist brought to you by the ‘IT’ djs in town.

Today, look no further than this super-duper playlist curated to take you on a sonic adventure by Diamond Setter. So, whether you’re looking to jam out with friends or chill this week-end, hit play and let the music take over. Get ready to be transported to a whole new world of sound and enjoy the ride.

Born and raised in the vibrant streets of Beirut, Lebanon, Kevork Keshishian emerges as an enigmatic self-taught artist, adept in a multitude of disciplines. Currently residing in the dazzling cityscape of Dubai, UAE, he weaves his creative tapestry with an unconventional flair. Like a rebel breaking free from the chains of traditional education, Keshishian abandoned the halls of high school, embarking on an extraordinary journey. While honing his skills as a master diamond setter, a hidden passion brewed within him, nourished by the melodies that filled his soul. This burgeoning love affair with music led him to grace the decks of the city’s most illustrious clubs and venues, his reputation as a DJ soaring high, eventually earning him the coveted title of resident maestro at the infamous “The Basement.”

In the year 2013, a pivotal moment transpired in Keshishian’s artistic journey, when he emerged triumphant as Jeux De La Francophonie’s golden prodigy. His deft touch harmonized the auditory realm with the visual, his music serving as the lifeblood pulsating through the creations of Eye See Experience. With the dawn of 2014, Keshishian’s presence resonated through the vibrant nights of Dubai, his rhythmic cadence igniting dance floors at revered venues like “40Kong,” “EDEN Beach Club,” “El Chiringuito Dubai,” and “Siddhartha Lounge.” His vast knowledge of music became a tapestry of auditory bliss, meticulously curated for establishments like “Molecule” and “Barbary.”

Yet, the multifaceted artist yearned for further self-expression, so in 2018, Keshishian reclaimed his passion for drawing, reigniting the embers of a creative fire that once burned in his soul. Exploring various styles and textures, he painted the realms of his imagination onto canvas with an unwavering fervor.

In the year 2019, fueled by an unyielding passion for artistic and musical freedom, Keshishian joined forces with his kindred spirit, Paulo Martinez, to birth a haven of creativity known as “Gallery.” This sanctuary became a testament to their shared vision, with Keshishian meticulously crafting the visual essence of the space, while simultaneously shaping its aural identity alongside his partner. The result manifested in a kaleidoscope of acrylic paintings that adorned the walls, breathing life into the vibrant atmosphere of “Gallery.”

Kevork Keshishian, an artist unbound by the shackles of convention, stands as a testament to the boundless potential of creative expression. With each stroke of his brush and beat of his music, he continues to craft a legacy that reverberates through time and space.