Change your tune for the weekend with BURO’s weekly playlist brought to you by the ‘IT’ artists in town.

Today, look no further than this super-duper playlist curated to take you on a sonic adventure by Dana Hourani. So, whether you’re looking to jam out with friends or chill this week-end, hit play and let the music take over. Get ready to be transported to a whole new world of sound and enjoy the ride.

Dana Hourani, hailing from Sharjah and raised in Beirut, is a Lebanese pop sensation who unveiled her debut album in November 2021. She skillfully merges contemporary Western influences with her rich cultural heritage, the result? Many sonic melodies that dance upon the soul with an artistry that is uniquely her own, powerful and expressive. 

In 2019, Dana took the music scene by storm with her debut single, “Ella Enta,” a poignant ballad that resonated deeply with listeners. Since then, her music has garnered millions of views and streams on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Notable among her repertoire are her rendition of the Arab classic “Zuruni” and her empowering anthem “Enti Ana,” a tribute to women across the Arab world. These tracks have also played a significant role in various regional campaigns.

Dana’s first studio album, “Ensanein,” was unveiled in November 2021, showcasing candid lyrics and lavish production. This release solidified Dana’s unique and influential position within the Arabic music scene.

With a flourish of suspense, Dana just unveiled her grand masterstroke, in July 2023, making a highly anticipated return with her track, “InshAllah Kheir,” which has already earned the title of Song of the Summer in the region. This single masterfully blends Western and Eastern influences, drawing inspiration from international Pop music, Afro-pop, and Middle Eastern traditions. Excitingly, Dana has plans to gradually release her upcoming album over the next few months, promising a collection of chart-topping hits.