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#FridayFinds: The top 5 Instagram posts that spiced up our week

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Time to BURO-fy your day with the most creative Insta posts on display...

You’re not truly ‘all caught up’ if you haven’t seen BURO.’s top five Instagram posts of the week! Truth is, our editors’ daily mission is to connect with ease, to share with expression and to experience with conviction. So get inspired, feed your imagination, soul and scroll!

1. It’s called ‘melted tailoring’ and we’re melting for it

We usually melt for every design from Ichiro Suzuki. The Japanese-born menswear designer got inspired by the work of Belgian painter, Rene Magritte, to fuse together the traditional and the progressive, the handcraft and the industrial, the simple and the complex. For his new collection ‘Sartorial Studies’, he gives familiar clothing new forms and unique character.

2. Not sure about trying our mascara with virtual try ons!

We don’t know how to feel about beauty entering the Metaverse to start with. But, if it comes from a trend forecasting company like WGSN then, whether we like it or not, this is the future. According to them, powered by AI, VR and NFTs, the Metaverse is helping beauty brands improve their traceability and transparency to launch try-on and educational tools to create shop-entertainment experiences accessible to all.

3. Create your own stage

…and make it a performance worth watching just like the mind-blowing ideas emerging designers all over the world keep impressing us with. Take, for example, this pop-up circus dress created for a fashion design course at Central Saint Martins.

4. A collection designed for the planet Osso in the year 2222

Here’s how the story goes according to ‘Blanc De Blanc’ a digital design studio founded by Julia Rosti. The year 2222, mankind has never found extraterrestrial life and the entire universe has not found a planet suitable for human life. Then, people began to artificially create small planets the size of the moon by surrounding the Earth with them.

The new collection is designed for the planet Osso. The reflective elements of the clothes reflect the beams of the neon lights well, which creates additional light and good visibility. Inside, the suits are filled with a special gas for more comfortable moving around the planet.

5. A chance to enter another trance

His work conveys the theatricality of minimalism and formalism. Meet Anthony James, founder of Anthony James Studio, a British-American artist based in Los Angeles, aiming to give the impossible, the infinite, a physical objective existence.

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