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Five products for five major skin concerns in the Middle East

Get the best version of your skin
The summer season is officially upon us and the heat can be quite damaging to our skin. Thankfully, these five beauty brands have released products that will tackle any problems you may face...

from face masks and serums to moisturisers and formulas, there’s so many products to choose from when it comes to our skin. To save you hunting around, we’ve rounded up the top five options to protect your skin this summer. 

1. Dehydration 

Living in the Middle East, you know that hydration is a major issue. With the heat, strong UV rays and sticky temperatures, sometimes our skin can feel quite dry and dehydrated, which is why it is vital to always keep moisture locked in the skin. 

Dior’s Hydra Life Nourishing Creme specialises in hydration. Injected with ingredients that include mallow (which boosts water circulation) and haberlea leaf science (which helps stimulate the production of ingredients), it will leave your skin feeling plump, fresh and give you long-lasting radiance. 

Dior’s Hydra Life Nourishing Creme is available at all leading beauty counters across the Middle East. 

2. Lack of moisture

Guerlain’s Abeille Royale collection is one of the maison’s signature lines. The Abeille Royale Bee Glow Youth Moisturiser is a prime example of why.

Providing its users with the ultimate hydration for the skin, the moisturiser (which is made using Ouessant honey, Guerlain’s exclusive royal jelly and Moroccan honey) will boost your skin’s plumpness and will leave it feeling smooth, soft and seriously moisturised. 

Guerlain’s Abeille Royale collection is now available at Sephora stores across the Middle East. 

3. Anti-Ageing 

If you’re looking to lessen fine lines and wrinkles, Origins’ Plantscription formula is the way to go.

Exclusively available at Sephora Middle East, the cult formula is a mixture of dill seed extract and anogeissus which helps optimise elasticity, visibly restore youthful structure, improve lines and wrinkles and revive bounce. Sign. Us. Up. 

Origins Plantscription Power Anti-Aging Cream is now available at Sephora stores across the Middle East. 

4. Scarring 

We’ve long been a fan of the Alpha-H beauty brand here at Buro HQ thanks to its game-changing products that specialise in resurfacing and regulating overactive skin types. If you’ve got any blemishes, scars or uneven skin tone, the brand’s signature product, Liquid Gold, will work magic overnight. The inclusion of Glycolic Acid is the game-changer and focuses on cell stimulation and dulling the dead cells on the skin’s surface, for better-looking skin. 

Alpha-H Liquid Gold is now available at Bloomingdale’s Dubai in The Dubai Mall. 

5. Discolouration 

If your skin is lacking an equal tone, then Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is the product for you. Injected with effective, natural ingredients, this anti-dark spot serum boosts radiance and helps even the skin tone by correcting existing dark spots and preventing the appearance of new ones. A quick tip? Apply the serum with your sunscreen, so that it’s incorporated into your daily beauty routines. 

Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is now available at Sephora stores across the Middle East. 

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