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When your fragrance becomes your guiding path to positive energy

Feng Shui FTW
Feng Shui and fragrance? Yep, doesn't automatically link up in our minds, either. But, The Harmonist – the zen brand of fragrances – incorporates the Chinese practice to energise you through scent. And it goes deep, really deep. We speak with Priya Sher, a seasoned expert of Feng Shui and consultant to The Harmonist, who tells us how we can play to our natural elements better and how The Harmonist's fragrances can enhance your life...

How did you get involved in Feng Shui?

My interest in Feng Shui began around 25 years ago. My father was a property developer and would often make the homes we lived in, his projects. This resulted in us moving around a lot. I noticed that in every house we lived in the energy was very different and often my parents would comment that certain houses were lucky for us and certain ones were not so lucky. In one house in particular my sister got very unwell and we couldn’t figure out what had happened to her, but as soon as we moved out she was absolutely perfect. This really sparked my interest in Feng Shui and I started researching about the energy in spaces and came across Feng Shui, following which a whole world opened up to me.

What is the fundamental difference between Horoscopes and Feng Shui?

Feng Shui involves analysing and balancing the elemental energy of a space. A horoscope is an analysis about a person’s elemental energy.

Have you done Feng Shui readings for celebrities (that you can name) before?

Paulo Coelho.

How do Feng Shui and The Harmonist coalesce?

The five elements: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are a fundamental part of Feng Shui. Each element has its own energy, attributes, personality and follows the law of mutual creation and control. Just as a space is a combination of yin and yang and the five elements, so are we. The perfumes created by The Harmonist are inspired by the yin and yang qualities of the five elements.

How does Feng Shui help us find our elements?

Our date of birth gives us our elements. Once you find your personal element, which can be done by entering your date of birth on The Harmonist’s website, you can find how the other elements interact with you and depending on what you would like to enhance in your life you can introduce that element in your life.

So, if we are Metal, how can we alter our lifestyles to suit this element? 

This really depends on what you would like to enhance in your life. If you are Metal and you would like to enhance your social life then you can introduce more metal in your life for example by wearing the Matrix Metal or Metal Flower perfumes or by wearing more gold and silver jewellery or by introducing the colour white in your wardrobe. You could also look at your home and see what’s going on in the west and northwest areas of your home and ensure that there is no clutter etc. there.

If you are a Metal person and would like to enhance your creativity and career then you would need to introduce the element Water. Therefore, wear the Guiding Water and Sacred Water perfumes, also do more travelling and try and make travelling part of your work if you can.

How can we achieve our best elemental combination? 

Once you find your personal element then depending on what area of your life you would like to focus on introduce that corresponding element.

What fragrances from The Harmonist match up with the different elements?

All of The Harmonist’s fragrances relate to the yin and yang aspects of the five elements:

Fire – Velvet Fire and Hypnotising Fire.

Earth – Desired Earth and Royal Earth.

Metal – Matrix Metal and Metal Flower.

Water – Sacred Water, Guiding Water and Yin Transformation.

Wood – Golden Wood and Magnetic Wood.

How does spraying your matching fragrance enhance your life?

The fragrances have infused in them the essence of the five elements. Each fragrance created by The Harmonist interacts with you in a unique way dependent on your personal element.  For example, if your personal element is Yin Wood and you would like to enhance your Wisdom then spray yourself with the Water element infused fragrances.

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