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How the intoxicating aromas of India inspired Sonia Constant’s latest perfume

Lettre de Pushkar
"The scent of the hot spices in the narrow Indian streets saturating the air and melting with rose petals coming from the surroundings fields," is what perfumer Sonia Constant calls her most treasured memory while creating her latest fragrance, Lettre de Pushkar. If that doesn't open up every one of your senses...

Can you tell us about your particular attachment to Lettre de Pushkar? What touches you most about this scent?

I love the mix of spirituality and sensuality of this fragrance – which is a true oriental – and its evocation of India from the saturation of the fragrance with rose, oud, spices, vanilla and amber note. It’s as intense as India.

Tell us about the inspirations and the creation process for this particular perfume…

When I created this perfume, I really had in mind the notion of the senses pushed to the limit of their capabilities, which I find is a state that is particularly associated with India. The intensity of the colours offered by the ladies’ saris is represented by an essence of rose – a nod in the direction of the rose beds around the lake, which I associated with the sensuality of oud wood. To capture the incandescence of the setting sun I used the warmth of the spicy notes that float in the air of the narrow Indian streets –saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg. All this effervescence develops languorously with an amber vanilla accord mixed with precious woods – patchouli and vetiver with an extraordinary sensuality.

What’s the most outlandish detail about the creation of this fragrance?

This fragrance is an aphrodisiac. You smell it and rapidly become addicted to it. A friend of mine said that he would crazily fall in love with the woman who would wear it!

How many ingredients did you actually put into the formula?

Almost 40!

What does it actually smell like?

Rose, saffron, vanilla, amber and musks.

How would you describe Lettre de Pushkar in 5 words?

Addictive, intoxicating, seductive, absolutely irresistible!

How would you define Lettre de Pushkar in the global Ella K collection?

This is the most oriental one, the most seductive, the most mysterious one. A fragrance that teases and awakes your senses.

What emotional memory do you associate with the fragrance?

The scent of the hot spices in the narrow Indian streets saturating the air and melting with rose petals coming from the surroundings fields.

How does that fragrance reflect the ELLA K brand DNA?

This fragrance reflects the Ella K brand DNA because it refers to one of my journeys and is the translation of a very particular fleeting moment. The high quality of the best natural ingredients makes it last so long, it is amazing! Like the other fragrances of the collection, it can stay on a coat, a scarf or a sweater for weeks.

Could you tell us more about your creation process?

When I look at something that inspires me, my head goes into overdrive and assembles accords to create a perfume which echoes what I am seeing. There is a phrase in Baudelaire’s Fleur du Mal which has always have in mind : “Colours, fragrances and sounds answer each other”. That’s exactly what I feel. Taking over the sounds, the colours and the shapes and transform them into a fragrance is something that is almost magical and, for me, an infinite source of inspiration…

So, the latest perfumes from Le Couvent des Minimes make us want to island-hop right now.