Introducing the Maison’s latest Eau de Toilette
Between masculine and feminine ingredients, Hermès’ Violette Volynka is becoming our new favourite scent to spray. Here’s why…

There’s a powerful play when it comes to fragrances. It’s a combination of expertise, the inspiration of the creators and the unique use of materials. For Hermès’ latest offering of its Hermessence collection, the Violette Volynka Eau de Toilette is an unexpected combination between masculine and feminine materials, using a blend of intensity and sweetness.

Leather and the powdery notes of violet are elevated by the perfumer’s know-how, and you’re immediately immersed in a warm, sensual olfactory emotion. Bottled in the Maison’s radiant bottle, the fragrance comes capped with a powerful purple cap.

“I opted for Volynka leather top notes,” explains Christine Nagel, Hermès perfumer. “Its scent is so strong that I wanted to pull it in the opposite direction of pairing it with a delicate flower: violets.”

Violette Volynka is now available at Hermès Parfumeur boutiques located at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. The Eau de Toilette also allows you to refill the 200ml bottle once it’s empty.