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Beauty astrology charts: Makeup looks for your star sign

According to the ancient art of astrology, your perfect makeup look for this season is written in the stars. Are you a Scorpio Tom Ford or an Aquarian Preen?

When we say ‘according to the ancient art of astrology’, we mean according to an inherent generational belief that everything can be allocated to and directed by your star sign. Therefore, the only possible way to choose which makeup trend you should go for, once fashion week is over and you’ve assessed all the show looks and Instagram feeds, is to look to the zodiac.

Since Earth signs will be more drawn to the classic, and Air signs will lean towards quirky. Since Water signs will go for the more stirring looks and fire signs look for something enlivening, it’s really quite obvious. Are you a typical Libra Giambattista Valli or more of a Roksanda Taurus? Your show looks await your fundamental astrological connection.



Earth signs are grounded, stable, reliable. In makeup terms that means traditional and beautiful. Like this.


Virgo is the most supremely reliable and ordered of the signs. Dolce & Gabbana is the most supremely reliable of the shows. It is always classic, beautiful, glamorous and gorgeous. Red lip, feline flick, gentle hair bouff, boom.


Capricorns tend to be quietly ambitious, or just ambitious full stop. You need a calm palette, a sophisticated groomed look that doesn’t shout too loudly, but keeps everything neatly in place. Victoria Beckham does this to perfection; makeup to make a good impression; clean, glowing skin, sharp, simple hair silhouette, gently groomed et voila.


Taureans are low key obsessed with material things. This is a compliment rather than a criticism. It means you are drawn to glamour, be that in your profession, social life or, yes, makeup choices. Roksanda fulfils your wildest beauty wishes, since it’s the most glam iteration of classic. A red lip that is punchier than absolutely necessary, perfectly sharp edges, and little else.



Air signs are meant to be the most human of the signs. They’re sociable, fun, but allergic to neediness. They like to do their own thing, make their own way, quite won over by quirkiness in makeup form.


Libras need balance – duh –  so perfectly symmetrical eye makeup is the first step. The second step is to make it especially pretty and extra attention-grabbing, which seems to also have been the Giambattista Valli makeup brief. ‘Look at me!’ it shouts, which is exactly perfect Libra makeup. Sparkly and beautiful in equal measures (equal measures balance the scales you see).


The most mysterious (and quirkiest) of all the signs, Aquarians are the ones no one can seem to put their finger on. They’re the sign people know the least about, and this means they’re not governed by anyone’s opinions of them. They’re more than happy to go their own way, be more experimental, stick Preen by Thornton Bregazzi-esque gold leaf all over their foreheads and earlobes, sure, why the hell not?


Cheeky, fun to be around, fun to party with, just fun full stop, Geminis are impulsive and outgoing. Where beauty is concerned this does not directly translate as ‘crazy’, like you’d think, because the impulsiveness is more refined to a bleached brow or a neutral metallic eyewash. Or a metallic eyebrow to go with the eyewash, say. Erdem captured the Gemini spirit perfectly with their wet-look eye, metallic brows and hair combo. Fun!



Widely regarded as the emotional element, water signs are very much in their feelings. Those could be sensitive feelings or sexy ones, but they wear their heart on their sleeves and their sentiment in their makeup. Like so.


Ah, Scorpio. The most aggrandized of all the signs, widely known for being passionate (sexy) and intense (dramatic). That is because they are stone cold sexy and dramatic, and it’s really quite cut and dry, makeup wise. Tom Ford of course. Tom Ford, the reliably sexy aesthetic from leather headband to leather toes, via sultry, intense smoky eyes that do nothing to undo the Scorpio cliche. So go with it.


‘Moody’ is doing Cancerians a disservice, but there is a definite defensiveness about them that can come across as such. Actually they’re intuitive and protective and they like to wear dark almost grungy minimal makeup like the Dior girls did. It says ‘I’m confident enough to scribble black kohl in my waterline with abandon, but it only serves to underline the fact that you must not mess with me at any cost. And also it looks beautiful, so leave me alone.’


Emotionally adept, tick. Empathetic, double tick. Kind and amiable and therefore excellent company, oh yes, with bells on. And where compassion is involved deep feelings follow. There’s no shame in expressing emotions for the humble Piscean, so skip the waterproof mascara and wear your streaky tears halfway down your cheeks like the now iconic Gucci look. ‘Beautiful crying? Moi? Oh yes, and let me tell you why.’



Just as you’d expect, fire signs are, well, fiery. Temperamental, passionate, dynamic, lively, and, once they’ve taken the following makeup advice on board, HOT.


Take all the positive aspects of Gemini (sociable, fun, etc.), and add a tablespoon of anger. That’s the feisty bit that emboldens Sagittarians. They are honest – sometimes too honest, optimistic and adventurous. So they’ll have high hopes for the metallic graphic Prada look working for them, they’ll be brave enough to go out in it, and if you so much as raise an eyebrow at their bold beauty choice, they’ll critique your new favourite coat to the point of immediate return.


Aries are always chill, so chill, so nice and calm. Up to a point. And that point can creep up on you totally unawares. There is a warmth and an ease to them that makes you want to be near, and they do come with subtle warning signs to their spiky side. In this case expressed in their half coloured fire-red eyelashes. The perfect Off-White inspired teasing touch to an otherwise really very chill, very calm look.


To talk to a Leo is to pale in significance, from the Leo’s perspective anyway. They are blessed with absolute self-confidence, but they don’t like to break too many rules. Exuberant, loving, and the best kind of show offs, a Leo will definitely plump for attention seeking makeup, but in a way that is failsafe. Classic, but packing a definite punch. LIke black matte Rodarte lips where matter red ones would usually be. Same but totally different.

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