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Digital canvases with endless possibilities.
Step into the Future of Art at Art Dubai 2024: Explore Art Dubai Digital 3.0

et ready to immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of digital art! Art Dubai 2024 proudly presents the third edition of Art Dubai Digital, where innovation meets imagination. Curated by the dynamic duo Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera, this year’s theme ‘Expansion / Diffusion’ promises to ignite your senses with mind-bending AI, VR, robotics, and more. Here’s your guide to the must-see installations that will ignite your imagination and leave you spellbound.


Not just collectors, they’re collaborators, visionaries, and champions of the digital art movement. Step into a world where innovation thrives, as 10F1 partners with forward-thinking artists and institutions to redefine the boundaries of art in the digital age. With a dynamic blend of curation, support, and collaboration, 1OF1 is dedicated to empowering artists to soar to new heights. They’re more than just a platform, they’re a catalyst for creative growth and success. Join them as they spark lively discussions with leading cultural institutions both online and offline, shaping the narrative of digital artistic practice in our time.


37x is on a mission to redefine the intersection of art and technology. they’re a vibrant, dynamic space where digital and contemporary artists converge to showcase their masterpieces, captivate new audiences, and connect with passionate collectors. From exclusive member gatherings to luxurious brand partnerships, educational workshops, and immersive experiences, 37x is where innovation thrives.” They’re a blank canvas, a catalyst for collaboration, bringing together creatives, innovators, and investors to shape the future of art and technology. Join us as we rewrite the rules and inspire the world!


For over three decades, Leila Heller Gallery has been a beacon of innovation, fostering vibrant cultural exchanges between Western and Middle Eastern, Central, and Southeast Asian artists. From its roots in New York to its flourishing presence in the UAE, Leila Heller Gallery has become synonymous with pushing artistic boundaries and nurturing creative dialogue. Spanning an impressive 14,000 square feet, our state-of-the-art gallery boasts three expansive exhibition spaces, cementing our status as the largest gallery in the UAE. Here, we proudly showcase a diverse array of leading regional and international artists, many of whom are making their Middle Eastern debut. Our commitment? Supporting the evolution of established artists and providing a platform for groundbreaking new talents.


Welcome to the world’s first multi-sensory immersive art gallery, where creativity knows no bounds and the senses are ignited like never before. Here, the artist’s canvas extends beyond the visual, creating together a video, audio, tantalizing aromas, captivating lightscapes, mesmerizing effects, gentle mists of fog, and even temperature changes.


Since their inception in November 2001, bitforms gallery has been a trailblazer, representing established, mid-career, and emerging artists at the forefront of new technologies. Dive into a world where art meets innovation as they span the rich history of media art, offering a captivating glimpse into digital, internet, time-based, and new media forms. Their gallery is more than just a space, it’s a celebration of ephemeral, time-based, and digital artworks, advocating for their collection and preservation. Their artists shine on the walls of prestigious institutions worldwide, from the Museum of Modern Art in New York to the Tate Modern in London and beyond.


Since their inception in September 2015, Cinello has been on a mission to revolutionize the art world by bridging the gap between the digital realm and fine art heritage on a global scale. Their innovative technology, patented as DAW® (Digital Art Work), breathes new life into traditional masterpieces and empowers contemporary artists to thrive in the digital age. With outheir secure platform and cutting-edge encryption systems, DAW®s ensure the uniqueness, originality, and authenticity of digital artworks, all while preserving their certified provenance. Their patent spans across multiple countries, allowing collectors to own unique certified digital copies and museums to showcase otherwise immovable masterpieces.


Since 2010, Gazelli Art House, London, curated by Mila Askarova, has been a beacon of artistic diversity in Mayfair. Their gallery celebrates artists from around the world, showcasing their vibrant works through an eclectic mix of exhibitions and events. In partnership with their sister site in Baku, they spotlight art from Azerbaijan and neighboring regions, fostering a deeper understanding of their rich cultural heritage. In 2015, they ventured into the digital realm with GAZELL.iO, championing artists working in digital art. Their commitment to innovation continued in 2020 as they launched the GAZELL.iO Project Space and VR Library, the first permanent space dedicated to digital art in Mayfair.


Not just an art company, they’re visionaries, explorers of time, light, and space. Their mission? To represent and collaborate with artists who dare to push the boundaries of creativity and challenge the status quo. From the conscious to the subconscious, from the earthly to the universal, they celebrate the interconnectedness of all dimensions, their roster of innovative artists doesn’t just create artworks, they craft groundbreaking experiences that transcend traditional norms. With a focus on creativity, collaboration, and exploration, Espace invites you to unlock the boundless potential within the realms of art and the future. Are you ready to explore the infinite?


Step into the heart of Chicago’s River North and Bridgeport Art Districts, where Hilton Contemporary awaits. Specializing in modern and contemporary art, we showcase a vibrant array of paintings, works on paper, mixed media, and sculpture, with a unique emphasis on photography, film, and AI. From the United States to Northern Europe, the Mediterranean Region, and the Middle East, their gallery proudly represents internationally renowned artists, each bringing their own unique perspective to the canvas.


HOFA Gallery (House of Fine Art) is dedicated to showcasing the best in contemporary art from around the globe. Since their founding in 2012, they’ve been a beacon for established and emerging artists, offering a diverse range of disciplines and cultural relevance. From painters to sculptors, photographers to new media artists, they represent talent from China, Korea, the United States, and beyond. Their commitment to excellence has made us a go-to destination for government institutions, museums, galleries, and private collectors seeking the most sought-after works of art.


Holy Club is more than just a collective, they’re a powerhouse of creativity and innovation, dedicated to breathing life into creative projects through cutting-edge marketing techniques. They bridge the gap between art and technology, bringing the future to the present with solutions that are fresh, relevant, and forward-thinking. Step into their art galleries and prepare to be amazed by the diverse array of artworks from emerging and established artists. From traditional to avant-garde, they celebrate a multitude of styles and techniques, ensuring there’s something for every art lover.


Step into the future with Immaterika, where creativity reigns supreme in the Web 3 era. They empower and uplift new and emerging artists by providing the support, financing, and development they need to thrive. With Immaterika’s backing, artists can finally bring their projects to life, sharing them with audiences in Italy and beyond. Their team of curators, communications experts, and social media mavens ensures that artists have the tools and resources to navigate the art world with confidence.


They’re a powerhouse of creative minds, including art directors, designers, producers, curators, and media artists. Together, they craft captivating visual content for brands, media outlets, and cultural institutions, breaking free from genre constraints and embracing the boundless realm of creativity. Operating at the forefront of a new paradigm, they blur the lines between analogue and digital worlds, transforming content into art.


Welcome to LOOTY, where creativity and technology intertwine to ignite conversations across the art world and beyond. From reclaiming stolen artwork using cutting-edge blockchain and NFT technology to crafting immersive 3D experiences, they break new ground and paving the way for a future where access and education are paramount.


Step into the future of art with MakersPlace, your go-to destination for authentic digital creations from top artists worldwide. Since their inception in 2018, they’ve revolutionized the art market by harnessing blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity and rarity of every digital masterpiece. They cultivate a vibrant future for digital creativity, setting global benchmarks along the way. Just take their historic partnership with Christie’s auction house for example, together, they made headlines with the groundbreaking sale of Beeple’s ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’.


Welcome to Erma Gallery, a dynamic space in Dubai – and soon, Switzerland and Hong Kong – dedicated to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Founded in 2023 by Evgeniia Berezhnova, our gallery serves as a launchpad for artists exploring the fusion of technology and creativity. Supported by AA Meta, a visionary holding company in Abu Dhabi, Erma Gallery is at the forefront of digital immersive technology and sustainability. With this backing, they’re not just a gallery – they’re a powerhouse poised to revolutionize the regional digital art scene.


They’re not just curating NFT fine art, they’re revolutionizing the art world as we know it. Theyseamlessly blend the traditional and crypto art realms, fostering innovation and growth for galleries, artists, collectors, and museums alike. From virtual to real-world and hybrid exhibitions, MORROW’s commitment to substance and narrative shines through. With a multi-faceted approach, they prioritize the creative process, offering digitally immersive experiences that transcend boundaries.


At nineteensixtyeight, we’re not just a platform – we’re a powerhouse of creativity, specializing in photography and video. Representing an award-winning international group of emerging artists, we’re dedicated to producing, curating, and showcasing cutting-edge projects that redefine visual storytelling.” From exhibitions to special projects and artistic campaigns, we collaborate with artists every step of the way, offering management and consultancy services to nurture their careers. Whether it’s selling limited edition prints, facilitating collaborations, or mentoring photographers of all levels, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


Since 2006, Gallery NoW has been a beacon of creativity, specializing in photography and hosting numerous influential exhibitions. With a commitment to supporting young artists, they’ve held nine award exhibitions and curated dynamic showcases like the NoW Young Artist Exhibition and ArtNoW & Culture Exhibition. In 2020, they relocated to Sinsa-dong, expanding their horizons to encompass contemporary art across genres like painting, sculpture, photography, and crafts. With over 200 exhibitions annually, including special showcases and international art fairs like the LA Art Show, they’re dedicated to promoting Korean culture and arts on a global stage.


Excitement is brewing as Sanji Gallery gears up to unveil its brand-new multi-level space in the heart of Seoul’s vibrant art district. Stay tuned for an unforgettable inaugural event that will set the city’s art scene abuzz.


For two decades, Tabari Artspace has been a cornerstone in connecting global audiences to the rich tapestry of modern and contemporary art from the MENA region. They break down barriers, ignite cultural dialogue, and champion diverse perspectives. Led by an all-women team, they’re committed to showcasing artists who delve into the human experience with finesse. Join them as they pave the way for a more inclusive art world, celebrating the voices of women and marginalized communities in contemporary art.


They’re a catalyst for innovation in digital art. They spotlight and collaborate with mid-career artists who bring academic rigor and critical acclaim to their work. Together with leading experts in digital art and Web 3, they’re breaking boundaries and reshaping the landscape of contemporary art.


TON Diamonds is revolutionizing the art world on the TON Blockchain, their curated marketplace and auction house showcase NFT artworks from world-famous digital creators, bridging the gap between traditional and digital art, with cutting-edge blockchain tech, we empower artists to thrive in the Web3 ecosystem.


Since 2013, Unit London has been a beacon of artistic innovation, showcasing the world’s most distinctive talent on a global stage. In a traditional art market, they’ve championed a meritocratic approach, launching and advancing the careers of countless contemporary artists. With a commitment to equity, innovation, and accessibility, they’re reshaping the art industry. their bold, transparent approach has made them bridge the gap between physical and digital realms.