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Chanel runs L.A.
“The idea is to offer a breath of fresh air, a voyage, a light-hearted and happy fantasy,” concludes Virginie Viard.

These Rhinestone-covered mini-shorts and jumpsuits, embroidered bustier and little tank tops, 1930’s style shoes and their disco variations, wrap around tops, legwarmers, aerobics inspired outfits, all reminded us of that 80’s inspired Netflix show ‘Glow’. While the Chanel show was staged in Los Angeles, Glow also sheds the light on the personal and professional lives of a group of women who perform for a wrestling organization in LD during the 1980’s.

There’s also more to the Chanel Cruise 2024 show than that 80’s energy, in fact the collection embraces the rhythmic pulse of eras past, from the opulence of the roaring 1920s and the magnetic allure of the 1930s to the groovy beats that echoed through the vibrant 1970s and the electrifying 1980s, the decades emerge in a dazzling symphony, their spirits illuminating the stage with radiant smiles. A vibrant explosion of life force transpires through an artfully orchestrated symphony of colors, blending the eternal house hues, whimsical pastels, and audacious new shades. Beyond the timeless realms of black and white, a kaleidoscope of pinks – a cherished palette of the Artistic Director – dances in harmony with the gleaming gold, evoking the halcyon days of cinema. An ode to the empress-like actresses, the luminous projectors that illuminate their path, and the eternal embrace of Californian sunshine.

This scintillating vitality, coursing through every fiber, every embroidery, and every print, claims a starring role in this collection. It unveils an eclectic cast of motifs, ranging from geometric masterpieces to vividly figurative wonders: golden squares, chevrons that intertwine in black and gold, disco balls that capture the shimmering essence of nights ablaze, milkshakes and roller skates embodying the spirit cherished by the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, resplendent coconut palms swaying in majestic delight, and sunsets casting their ethereal glow over the expansive Pacific Ocean.

“Between a tribute to the glamour of great film stars and evoking the world of fun to be had with aerobics, sports and roller skating, between the dream on one hand and what you want to wear on the other, it’s all a question of balance,” says Virginie Viard.