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Diana Al Shammari
Welcome to #BuroSpotlights, a platform dedicated to celebrating exceptional Arab talent.

At Buro247 Middle East, we are committed to showcasing and celebrating the extraordinary talent in the Arab world. With our column, #BuroSpotlights, we bring you stories of pioneering artists, innovative designers, tech trailblazers, cinematic visionaries, sports stars, and more. 

This week, #BuroSpotlights embroidery artist Diana Al Shammari

Diana Al Shammari

Growing up in war-torn Iraq, Shammari hardly had a normal childhood. Having faced the horrors of war from an early age, Shammari and her family were forced to flee their hometown, making their way first to Egypt and then to the United States. Her means of escapism through it all? Football. From tagging along with her brother and his friends when they played football in Baghdad to being a loyal fan of Bayern Munich, Shammari has always been passionate about the sport. 

Diana Al Shammari

Having felt like an outsider in the world of her favorite sport, Shammari has found a unique way into the world of football through her embroidery. What began as a sort of accident when she decided to embroider a rather plain t-shirt gifted to her by her sister has evolved into a full-blown business. Going by the name @thefootballgal on Instagram, Shammari has amassed over 70,000 followers and a cult following, which includes famous names like Joe Jonas, who was spotted in two of her shirts during his world tour in 2023. 

So far, Shammari has adorned over 300 football shirts with her embroidery and worked with the likes of AdidasPuma, and Nike — the latter of which she imagined 50 Women’s World Cup jerseys for at its retail concept House of Innovation in New York in 2023. She also has a major collaboration for the men’s Euros in the pipeline with a brand she can’t yet reveal. 

Diana Al Shammari

The crafting process varies from two to four days for the designs, while embroidery extends it to an additional five to seven days. The prices for her creations range from £200 for embroidery-only pieces to £300 for a fully embroidered Lioness shirt and up to £365 for an Argentina Beckenbauer Track Top.

With her intricate designs adorning over football shirts acoss the globe, and exciting projects on the horizon, Shammari’s story is one of determination and creativity. Her journey exemplifies the transformative power of art and the enduring spirit of resilience.