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Take notes, right before the Emmy’s 😉
Hey darlings! Did you miss me? Well, I took a breather, but the 2024 Golden Globes red carpet drew me back into action!

Oh snap! Let me spill the tea. Sure, there were a few jaw-dropping looks, but honestly, the vibe of this season was like dusting off grandma’s attic. Straight from the glitz of Beverly Hilton in California, your faves (and mine) strutted the red carpet, decked out in carefully curated couture from around the globe—or, in some cases, maybe just the first thing they spotted at Target!

Let’s dive deeper in one of my absolute favorite red carpet moments! First up, Dua Lipa in Schiaparelli—oh, and what a show! The gown hugs her curves like it was custom-made by fairy godmothers. While a tad smaller necklace could’ve accentuated the dress even more, I totally get the urge to showcase that Tiffany & Co masterpiece. Major love for the bold move!

Now, brace yourselves for a jaw-dropping masterpiece: Carey Mulligan in none other than VINTAGE Schiaparelli. Yes, you heard me right—VINTAGE. Let’s all bow down to Carey’s style wizard, Andrew Mukamal, because pulling off a vintage gem like that must have involved some serious MAGIC. Picture this: a 1949 Schiaparelli black gown with a crystallized bust. Carey and Andrew played their cards right by keeping the hair, makeup, and accessories on the down-low, letting the iconic piece of history steal the spotlight. Take notes, Hollywood divas—this is how you handle vintage glam!

Let’s shimmy on over to the forever fabulous Hunter Schafer, who never fails to steal the spotlight on the Red Carpet. Decked out in a custom pearl-white Prada look, she brought the wind along as a paid actor—because, why not? Hunter’s not just a fashion icon; she’s a walking testament to understanding the artistry and value of style. Rocking those stunning looks on a regular Wednesday night? She’s practically redefined the game.

Now, brace yourselves for the dramatic pause entrance of none other than Selena Gomez. Oh, sweet heavens above! We adore Selena, we all do, but why does she make it a tad challenging for us to shower her with unbridled affection? Enter Selena, donned in a red gown from Armani Privé, and let’s just say two simple words: No thanks. While the upper part might be… OKAAAY, the lower half (especially the skirt) is a complete abomination. The skirt’s shape is so last season (and looks like that Spanish emoticon dancer on Whatsapp), and its side cut tends to give the illusion of shorter stature. Throw in that hideous and utterly pointless belt, and you’ve got a fashion disaster in the making. I was rooting for a spectacular Ferragamo maroon gown or perhaps a divine Valentino creation for Selena—designers who truly know how to flatter someone with her body type. Sigh, the fashion gods weep.

Now, let’s move on to another Armani Privé misstep: Margot Robbie, honey, you dazzled in Barbie, but let’s not force-feed it to us like it’s the last supper. Time to bid adieu to that role, my dear, and Andrew (her stylist), it’s time to break free from the Barbie chains. Otherwise, you’ll find yourselves stuck in a loop reminiscent of Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams era.

Margot, oh, Margot, after the glorious liberation from your Chanel contract (hallelujah!), I truly believe you’re destined to ascend to the pinnacle of global fashion icons. But sweetie, Barbie is sooo 2023—let’s not linger in the past; it’s time to gracefully toss it into the style archives!

Now,Rosamund Pike – hold onto your hats, literally! She graced the scene in a Christian Dior black couture gown paired with a matching cocktail hat, delivering a timeless Hollywood moment that echoes the glamour of the ’60s. The dress’s styling? Utter perfection. If my ancestor Joan Rivers were here, she’d be doing a red carpet happy dance!

Now, let’s talk about Hailee Steinfeld – a total vision at the Globes! Cloaked in a custom Prada masterpiece, she owned the night in a delicate light pink gown and sleek black chiffon gloves, embodying a pinnacle Audrey Hepburn moment. I can practically envision Kendall Jenner rocking a similar look and turning heads with that same classic allure.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez graced the event in yet another light pink ensemble, complete with a floral cape by Nicole Felicia Couture. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s undeniably a lovely look. However, one can’t help but anticipate a bit more, especially from the iconic JLo. Her physique was nothing short of perfection, and the hair and makeup were flawless, but the dress felt a tad dated, having made numerous appearances on red carpets before. Imagine if she had amped up the glam with a show-stopping pink diamond necklace, perhaps reminiscent of Rihanna’s dazzling piece at the 2014 Clara Lionel Foundation Gala, coupled with a sophisticated up-do. Now, that would have been the epitome of glamour!

Let’s wrap things up by discussing Elle Fanning. We get it – you’ve got this dreamy Disney princess vibe going on, but sweets, it might be time to switch it up. Just take a peek at Margot Robbie; too much adherence to a character, and you risk blending into the background. Elle strutted in a beige (yikes) vintage Pierre Balmain. Although the gown is undeniably gorgeous, envisioning it on someone with a richer skin tone, like Zendaya, could have added an extra layer of enchantment. The styling fell a bit flat, washing her out and inadvertently turning her into a human chameleon that matched the backdrop on the carpet. Perhaps it’s high time Elle tried out the wicked step-sister role for a change – now that would be a sight to behold!

Now, let’s throw some love to the night’s standout mentions: Taylor Swift, stepping into a bold new character in an electric green Gucci gown by Saba Tods; Michelle Yeoh, a vision in a delightful orange creation from Bottega Veneta; Da’Vine Joy Randolph, owning the scene in a perfectly fitted burgundy red Rodarte gown; Billie Eilish, effortlessly rocking her signature style with a Willy Chavarria creation; and last but not least, Barry Keoghan, exuding sophistication in Louis Vuitton. Overall, this has been a blast! Keep in mind, folks, this is just the kickoff to awards season. Brace yourselves – Annalise is always watching, and we’ll rendezvous again very soon!