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In the blink of an eye after venturing into the realm of fine jewelry, Kordas witnessed her designs swiftly embraced by the crème de la crème of global retailers.

From the digital allure of Net-a-Porter to the trendsetting vibes of Dover Street Market in London and the chic ambiance of Montaignes Market in Paris, her creations found homes in the most coveted spaces, including the iconic Saks Fifth Avenue in New York.

Radiating luxury with an 18kt gold foundation, Kordas unleashes her boundless creativity through a groundbreaking fusion of materials and colors. Leather, technicolored titanium, woven thread, colored diamonds, and other precious gemstones become integral elements in her artistry. All the while, she masterfully preserves that enigmatic, cool-girl allure that has become synonymous with her name.

What is a pop culture diamond and how do you describe it in 2024?

My Pop Art collection is my own personal way of expressing the pop culture diamond. POW! BOOM! and BAM! evoke knockout references that are both strong and playful. The collection is constantly expanding with bespoke designs and meaningful references like Hope, Love, and Joy, along with the latest addition which I’m launching in 2024, The Bride collection.

When you become engaged, it is one of the most joyous times in a person’s life, and so many people want to highlight this news to those around them. The collection encompasses various life stages: first as a BRIDE, then as a MRS, and finally as a MAMA! Worn together, these pieces represent the trifecta of three incredible stages in life.

What’s your favourite 2024 jewellery trends to work with?

Although I am aware of trends, I don’t let them influence my collections. I believe jewellery should be both casual and classic, but above all, timeless. I aim to create pieces that go beyond current seasonal trends, and for me, the real goal is to create pieces that set the trends, not follow them.

Are you applying and using any sustainable techniques in your jewellery production?

Absolutely! I think it’s really important to create pieces that are both high quality and sustainable. For example, in my sustainable cuff collection, I use soft salmon and ostrich skins, along with other fabrics made from apples or pineapple. Finding ways to use this skin presents a unique creative challenge because these materials are usually discarded by the food and fishing industries in the Amazon, Iceland, and South Africa. Repurposing waste bioproducts shows how outside-the-box thinking in fashion can offer high-end results.

Name a must-have from your latest collection.

It’s so difficult to pick a favourite, but If you twisted my arm, it would be the Mosaic hoop earrings. They are vibrant, versatile and characterful. 

The Mosaic collection is all about streamlined silhouettes and pops of colour. Each item is a statement piece on its own but when paired with other pieces from the collection, they create a cohesive, cinematic form. I am excited to say that we are adding stunning interchange earrings to the Mosaic range. 

What’s the piece that makes the perfect heirloom from all Diane Kordas collections?

It’s a hard one, as jewellery is very personal, and I try to make sure that there is a piece of jewellery for everyone in my collections.  However, if I had to pick the perfect Diane Kordas heirloom from all my collections, it would have to be the Amulettes. I created the Amulette to encapsulate feelings, memories and moments through scent, as this is a memory connector and it is linked to our emotional system. 

What’s your opinion on digital try-ons?

I think it’s great! I’d say it has definitely transformed online shopping however,  it doesn’t quite capture the authentic experience or emotions of wearing a piece. There’s always a moment when you try something on and fall in love with it.