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We heart Prada’s Intimate Duality project for Spring/Summer 2019 so much

A cinematic lens
As far as campaigns go, Prada's special project, Intimate Duality, for Spring/Summer 2019 features some of the most beautiful photography we've seen in a while...

The Pradasphere is a world we could easily get comfortable in  what with all the cool things happening all.the.time.

And we literally needed a moment to take in the incredible photography from Prada‘s Intimate Duality special project for S/S ’19. Honestly, it’s raw, relatable and deeply thought-provoking. 

As part of Prada’s S/S ’19 show, a set of stills and a video have been released as part of its special project, Intimate Duality  which is a conversation between the conventional and the extraordinary. Cue the epic photography and video by Willy Vanderperre. The models include Adut Akech, Emma Boyd, Maike Inga, Nikki Tissen, Kiki Willems and Anok Yai who all appeared in the runway show (in the hall of the Fondazione Prada), and then through a more intimate lens. 

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In a statement from the brand has said, “These images proffer a fresh take. In contrast to the theatrical proportion of the runway, they render a sense of proximity, of intimacy and intensity. Precise, monochrome portraits contrast with the sensuous, the trajectories of the body boldly laid against strata of pure colour. Observed at this differing angle, from this alternative vantage-point, the Spring/Summer 2019 Prada collection is imbued with another life. A new duality, quintessentially Prada.”

We love it when art speaks volumes like this. 

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