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The CFDA launches new sustainability program

Heading in the right direction...
The CFDA is encouraging its designers to take their sustainability practices one step further...

We’ve been reading about fashion brands implenting new sustainability practices a lot recently. Now, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) is also encouraging their brands to take the eco-friendly approach more seriously. 

The organisation has just launched a new initiative that educates designers on sustainability and helps them move in that direction. 

Called the CFDA Guide to Sustainable Strategies, the four-part strategy is divided into a “Guide to Sustainable Strategies, the Sustainable Strategies Toolkit, the CFDA Materials Index [and] the CFDA Sustainability Directory” according to WWD

Whilst the practices are not enforced on the designers, the CFDA Guide to Sustainable Strategies basically highlights what brands, companies and designers should be doing to build a more sustainable business model.

According to a report released by the CFDA, it read: “We aim to take the complex idea of sustainability and simplify it into clear, digestible resources and actions,” the report says. “In order for the industry to change, we need to work together. Through this project, we seek to shift sustainable practices among members as well as across the entire industry.”

Another small step for mankind, but an even greater step for the environment…

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