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At Dior, Kim Jones shines the spotlight on Ghana with artist Amoako Boafo

Dior's Artistic Director for menswear designed a line inspired by a group of paintings...
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For Spring/Summer ’21, Dior’s Kim Jones delivered one of his strongest collections to date – a selection of silhouettes that encapsulated art, culture and savoir-faire. 

The collection, titled Portrait of an Artist, was a collaboration between the Men’s Artistic Director and Ghanian-born artist, Amoako Boafo – a relationship that was born in Miami in 2019. 

The range was revealed in a two-part presentation: one film that was shot in London and at Boafo’s studio in Ghana, and the second, a film that showcased the clothes, captured in a catwalk-like setting. 

The clothes resulted in streamlined and refined; tailored and modern – all whilst expressing the savoir-faire and history of Haute Couture, and Boafo’s captivating artwork. 

True to Kim Jone’s approach to the fashion house, there was an element of luxe sportswear influenced with Dior’s rich heritage. 

An homage to the artist, the collection consisted of tailored shorts, ribbed knits, sheer shirts, trenchcoats, parkas, desert-appropriate boots, sandals and berets.

An element that has always been consistent in Dior’s creations is tailoring excellence, and for this new collection, it’s no different. 

Here, discover our exclusive insight into the savoir-faire behind the collection…


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