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Swarovski brought its crystal wonderland to the 2024 Met Gala.
Swarovski Couture
In a spectacle of crystalline opulence, the Met Gala was graced by five resplendent Swarovski gowns.

While many would think of Swarovski purely as a jewelry label, the brand has a long and storied history with the fashion world. In fact, Swarovski’s birth in 1895 coincided with the dawn of Haute Couture in Paris. It was then that founder Daniel Swarovski traveled to Parsian couturiers’ ateliers, providing them with magnificent crystals in fresh colors and new cuts. It wasn’t long before the fashion world was scintillating with the use of Swarovski crystals. 

Today, Swarovski continues to build on this legacy with an unforgettable debut on the Met Gala red carpet with not one but five couture looks. Imagined by Swarovski Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert, the Swarovski couture gowns were worn by the Spring/Summer 2024 campaign cast and friends of the house Irina ShaykKarlie KlossImaan Hammam, and Anok Yai

Responding to the gala’s ‘Garden of Time’ theme, Engelbert envisioned her muses embodying elements of nature found in JG Ballard’s mystical garden, a vision brought to life through meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled attention to detail. Each gown, embellished with hundreds of thousands of precision-cut crystals, told a story of its own, reflecting the vibrant hues of Swarovski’s palette.

In a press statement, Engelbert explained her vision, “My vision was for our muses to embody elements of nature found in the enchanted crystalline garden and for their gowns to merge with our jewelry –they metamorphose, becoming one. I wanted to bring the same level of artistry and creativity to the looks that we bring to our jewelry and to capture nature’s beauty and joyful spirit, as well as the elegance and extravagance of Swarovski at this important moment for fashion and pop culture.”

Swarovski Couture

Representing the element of Air, Irina Shayk floated onto the red carpet in a celestial crystal mesh couture gown, a mesmerizing creation that took 200 hours to craft and was adorned with a total of 98,000 crystals. The ethereal silhouette, adorned with bespoke Swarovski jewelry, evoked the fluidity and lightness of its elemental inspiration.

Swarovski Couture

Karlie Kloss, embodying the essence of the crystal Flower, dazzled in a pink embroidered gown adorned with jewels from Swarovski’s ‘Florere’ and ‘Millenia’ families. The silk jersey gown was embroidered with 180,000 light rose crystals and took a team of seven artisans 225 hours to create. Its hourglass silhouette was accentuated by an ornate jeweled corset swathed in garlands of pink unfurling flowers and petals. It was richly embellished with 60,500 crystals and 75 ‘Florere’ jewels and took a team of five artisans 1,600 hours to create.

Swarovski Couture

Anok Yai embodied Water in a futuristic tulle catsuit adorned with glimmering crystals, creating an illusion of jewels shimmering directly on the skin. Complemented by a show-stopping necklace from Swarovski’s ‘Galaxy’ collection, her look epitomized the fluidity and serenity of its aquatic inspiration. The tulle catsuit was fashioned from diaphanous silk tulle embellished with 98,000 crystals to create the illusion of jewels shimmering directly on the skin. It took a team of eight over 130 hours to make.

Swarovski Couture

Imaan Hammam radiated golden splendor as she represented the Sun in a crystallized cape and satin column skirt adorned with a dazzling array of Swarovski crystals. Her ensemble, complemented by intricate ‘Gema’ jewelry, captured the warmth and radiance of its celestial muse. The cape, which was embellished with 3,456 crystals in a mix of six cuts and five tones, took a team of seven artisans 14 days to create. The satin skirt was embroidered with 100,000 crystals.

Swarovski Couture

Engelbert herself embodied Nature in an emerald green silk satin gown, a masterpiece inspired by the landscapes of Gustav Klimt, encrusted with rows of dégradé ‘Millenia’ crystals and embroidered with green ‘Gema’ jewels. The gown was embroidered with 20,000 crystals and 35,000 bicone beads in shades of green, taking a team of artisans over 900 hours to complete.

As the night unfolded, the Swarovski muses transformed into shimmering visions of elegance and extravagance, donning dazzling crystal mesh mini dresses in the brand’s signature colors for the after-party. Illuminating the Met Gala red carpet like rare jewels, these exquisite creations stood as a testament to Swarovski’s enduring legacy of beauty, craftsmanship, and innovation.