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What James Brown didn't know about a man.

‘Man made the train to carry the heavy loads,

Man made electric light to take us out of the dark,

Man made the boat for the water, like Noah made the ark’

Little did James Brown knew, man also walked the runways…lots of them, welcome to the ‘menswear world’ right from Milan, and it definitely won’t be nothing without the highlights we’d be shedding the light on today.

Welcome to the vibrant and ever-evolving world of men’s fashion, where style and innovation converge to create a sartorial spectacle unlike any other. Milan, renowned as one of the fashion capitals of the world, sets the stage for a grand celebration of men’s fashion during its prestigious Men’s Fashion Week.

Milan Fashion Week kicked off with a message, a statement from Valentino.

The new #valentinonarratives collection for #menswear is: ‘ A moment to redefine an identity of men, to re-examine a meaning of masculinity, to discover a new, modern perspective. The idea is to reconsider the definitions for today: the life of men, the life of their clothes, the reality of masculinity now.’ From one side, Valentino’s iconic Pink PP made a triumphant return, gracing the runway with its magnetic allure for a fleeting moment, on the other, one jacket stood out, a poetic proclamation emblazoned across its torso in bold lettering: “We Are So Old We Have Become Young Again.” It was a reminder of the timeless spirit that resides within us, a testament to the eternal rejuvenation of the human soul. Another masterpiece, bathed in shades of emerald green, mesmerized with its three-dimensional embroideries adorning its entire countenance. Every stitch, a manifestation of craftsmanship and imagination, breathed life into the fabric, weaving a story of elegance and grace.

ETRO’s visionary Creative Director, Marco De Vincenzo, delves deep into allegory and symbolism.

‘If allegories use figuration to express concepts, what are memes, GIFs, and even Tiktoks if not ways to allow images to say something else, or just simply communicate thoughts in non-verbal ways? Isn’t the act itself of putting together an outfit, also, an allegorical deed that charges image-making with communicative powers?’. We couldn’t have described it any other than how Etro captioned their #Etroallegories Spring Summer 2024 Men’s collection on Instagram. The collection is inspired by ‘Cesare Ripa’s Iconology’, a book of anonymous allegorical depictions, which Marco stumbled across in a quaint bookstore in his hometown. Our favorite part? Allegorical images of Augurio Buono, Bellezza, Eternità, Lussuria, and Tenacità are incorporated as prints and jacquards, interwoven among glittery touches, and a mix of various garments such as blazers, bermudas, jumpsuits, fuzzy jumpers, and thick blankets can also be worn as coats.

Dsquared wants you to: ‘Pop that collar. Knot your sweater on your shoulders and then let’s get down and dirty.’

‘A mashup that also riffs on looks from archive Dsquared collections with gold and tennis wear mied with raw signatures, and ultimate mix-up statements like the men’s tie fabric that is cut into a women’s miniskirt and styled with a boucle’ jacket inbuilt with a shirt, worn with delicate ankle-wrapped sandals adorned with quilted flowers. The highlights? The Open Your Heart bag shaped in the form of a heart that comes in glitter-specked resin, and underwear in baseball cap mesh and the back of a baseball cap with its connecting strap is built into the sleeve cuffs of a women’s cropped denim jacket.

Fendi Men’s SS24 collection makes you want to WORK.

WORK and WORK IT. The workwear-inspired collection was showcased inside Fendi’s Tuscan Factory. Crafted with the artistic brilliance of Silvia Venturini Fendi, the visionary Artistic Director of Accessories and Menswear, the FENDI Men’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection pays homage to this extraordinary venture and dives deep into the historic roots of Florence. It is a tribute to the revered past when Silvia Venturini Fendi’s grandmother, the indomitable Adele Fendi, embarked on a pilgrimage from Rome, traversing the lands to learn the sacred art of leather craftsmanship close to a century ago. In this collection, the spirit of Florence intertwines with the present and each garment becomes a testament to the enduring legacy of the Fendi family, the mastery of Italian craftsmanship, and the unwavering pursuit of perfection. Silhouettes echo with echoes of heritage, infused with contemporary twists, while sumptuous leathers bear witness to the meticulous artistry honed within the hallowed halls of the FENDI Factory.

The new SS24 fashion show is a tribute to Dolce&Gabbana “STILE”.

Respecting the intricate web of their brand’s identity, the designers ventured beyond the confines of time, drawing inspiration from the past while infusing it with the vibrant pulse of the present. They breathed new life into their cherished styles and reference imagery, harnessing the power of reinvention to forge a path forward. Yet, in their pursuit of evolution, the designers dared to transcend their own history. They ushered in a new chapter, reimagining the brand’s iconic pieces and codes. The tanktop, the coppola hat, the rosary, and the elegant suits became catalysts for transformation, breathing fresh life into the very fabric of their identity.

Florals? For spring? TOTALLY and the devil is not the only one wearing #prada this season 😉

Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons explored the idea of ‘fluid forms’ for Prada ‘s SS24 #menswear collection in a show graced with an installation curated by #omaamo and conceived around the idea of fluid architecture and the human body. Prada embarked on a transformative journey, beginning with the humble black shirt. Like an alchemist of fashion, they wove their magic, deftly sculpting the fabric into a symphony of tailored excellence. The shirts, once simple and unassuming, underwent a metamorphosis, their necklines plunging into deep V-shaped valleys, teasing the realm of pant shorts. A visual deception unfolded, as if the eye beheld a majestic boiler suit, reminiscent of the captivating ensembles crafted by the visionary Raf’s Prada, a motif that had enthralled us time and again.