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Things to remember.
In an awe-inspiring display of artistic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit, Yerevan, played host to an extraordinary show, the inaugural edition of its Fashion Week. This groundbreaking event seamlessly fused together an abundance of visionary minds, breathtaking collections, and boundless talent, all poised to redefine the realms of youthful ingenuity, propelled by the relentless energy of the Fashion and Design Chamber.

Enveloped within Armenian’s visionary textile industry strategy, the event’s paramount objective pulsated with the essence of empowerment for indigenous fashion luminaries, their creative endeavors fortified by the embrace of cutting-edge technology. Illuminating the digital landscape, this season’s avant-garde campaign emerged as a testament to the harmonious synergy between artistry steeped in tradition and the boundless possibilities birthed by AI-driven marvels, where craftsmanship and contemporary innovation were mixed. But the plot thickens. In a departure from the well-trodden path of conventional fashion weeks, where commercialism reigns supreme, these visionary designers dared to question the very essence of garments, injecting a renewed vitality into their creative realms. With audacious flair, they infused purpose and intention into their sartorial creations, weaving a tapestry of innovation that challenged the status quo and breathed new life into the fabric of fashion itself.

Missak Haji-Avedikian’s latest collection for example, unfolds as a poignant homage to the artist’s own childhood, a resounding echo of his affection for Renaissance masterpieces and the lyrical tapestries of Shakespearean verse. Evoking vivid memories of bygone days, Missak breathes new life into the timeless realm of British bespoke tailoring, infusing it with an electrifying vitality in the form of VOLTA—a vessel of transformation that pulses with renewed passion. Within this breathtaking metamorphosis, Missak unfurls a mesmerizing tableau of genderless garments, each an exquisite embodiment of precision tailoring intertwined with a modern vision and a theatrical heartbeat, casting a spell that bewitches the senses and captivates the soul.

Somewhere between the realms of the digital sphere and the raw tapestry of reality, Armine Ohanian’s groundbreaking collection, CYBERDISTORTION, serves as a resounding manifesto. Within its fabric lies a vivid reflection of the convulsive contradictions that pervade our sociological, ecological, and geopolitical landscapes—a vivid tableau of inequality, human suffering, and an unyielding yearning to thrive. As the boundaries of reality twist and contort through a kaleidoscope of perspectives, the indomitable human spirit rises as a valiant warrior, embracing its role as the harbinger of change. Empowered by ancestral wisdom, the resolute fighter channels the legacy of ancient cultures, deftly weaving it into the fabric of the future. For it is we, the torchbearers of destiny, who hold the reins of tomorrow within our grasp.

Remaining steadfast to the very essence of its philosophy and rooted traditions, every garment within NARNY’s collection becomes a testament to the timeless femininity that has gracefully coursed through the brand’s veins since its inception. It delicately weaves together fragments of Armenian Art and Culture with the vibrant tapestry of contemporary trends. Each piece becomes a canvas upon which the rich heritage of Armenia is painted, with prints and embroideries that breathe life into ancient ornaments and the resplendent strokes of the Armenian alphabet, creating an enchanting fusion of past and present.

Platon ff collection predominantly weaves a tapestry of menswear while tantalizingly offering glimpses of sartorial treasures for women. This extraordinary collaboration materializes as the visionary Armenian designer, Erica Chilingaryan, embarks on an artistic voyage hand in hand with the illustrious Italian design studio, “Ozio Piccolo Studio Tessile.” Crafted with meticulous care, each piece emerges as a testament to artisanal mastery, meticulously tailored from the finest threads of wool and cashmere, breathing life into an opulent symphony of texture and form.

“Soncess,” the brand that mixes nature-infused artistry and devoted guardian of Armenian heritage, unveils its latest collection which transcends mere fashion, transforming the spirit of the Armenian highlands, the resolute strength of rocks, and the winding paths that crisscross the land. Within each meticulously crafted piece, the very essence of the country’s natural splendor is immortalized, evoking an undeniable sense of belonging and profound connection. Through masterful craftsmanship, the harmonious fusion of earthly elements seamlessly weaves its spell, be it on the runway or in everyday life, embracing elegance and sophistication while paying homage to the awe-inspiring beauty of Armenian nature in all its glory.

Immersed within the enigmatic realm of “Ambiguity,” Z.G.EST’s visionary collection emerges as a mesmerizing tapestry that encapsulates the very essence of the choices that pepper our daily lives—the intricate dance of interpretation unfolding in multifaceted splendor. With this sartorial opus, Z.G.EST beckons individuals to embrace the kaleidoscope of perspectives that surround them, celebrating the beguiling beauty that arises from the interplay of contrasting elements. Drawing inspiration from the symphony of human-crafted architectural forms and the captivating imperfections that nature weaves, Z.G.EST orchestrates a mesmerizing dialogue, inviting us to explore the delicate duality that resides within each of our souls, an intricate dance between light and shadow, strength and vulnerability, unveiling the captivating enigma that makes us who we are.