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300 Hollywood women launch Time’s Up initiative

Taking a stand against harassment
300 of Hollywood's biggest names have come together to help launch the new Time's Up campaign which aims to help protect women across the world against harassment in the workplace. Here's who's signed on...

2017 was a year for change in Hollywood, particularly for females. The #MeToo movement was one of the most impactful in recent history, shining a light on harassment faced by countless actresses over the course of their careers. The movement stemmed from the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and rapidly gained support from women (and men) across the globe. 

Now, 2018 is set to be a year of even greater change if 3oo of Hollywood’s biggest female names have anything to do with it. Overnight, a new initiative called Time’s Up was announced via a full page ad in the New York Times. The ad featured an open letter signed by the likes of Emma Stone, Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, America Ferrera, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington and more. 

A key focus on the initiative is the establishment of a new legal defense fund that will be used to help support less-privileged women in professions that may not receive the right representation when it comes to reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. It already has Dhs47.7 million in funding. 

According to the New York Times, the campaign will also strive “to reach gender parity at studios and talent agencies,” a mission that has “already begun making headway.”

Shonda Rhimes said of the movement, “If this group of women can’t fight for a model for other women who don’t have as much power and privilege, then who can?” Reese Witherspoon agreed, adding that this was the time for women across the globe, regardless of class, to come together as one unit. “We have been siloed off from each other. We’re finally hearing each other, and seeing each other, and now locking arms in solidarity with each other, and in solidarity for every woman who doesn’t feel seen, to be finally heard.”

It has been widely reported that actresses will wear black at this weekend’s Golden Globes ceremony as a sign of solidarity to the movement and the Time’s Up campaign confirmed this is the case. Eva Longoria told the Times, “This is a moment of solidarity, not a fashion moment. For years, we’ve sold these awards shows as women, with our gowns and colour and our beautiful faces and our glamour. This time the industry can’t expect us to go up and twirl around. That’s not what this moment is about.” 

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