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Change your tune for the weekend with BURO’s weekly playlist brought to you by the ‘IT’ artists in town.

Today, look no further than this super-duper playlist curated to take you on a sonic adventure by Tina Yamout. So, whether you’re looking to jam out with friends or chill this week-end, hit play and let the music take over. Get ready to be transported to a whole new world of sound and enjoy the ride.

Tina Yamout, the multifaceted Lebanese artist, encompasses the essence of musical diversity as a singer, songwriter, composer, and music producer. Her captivating style seamlessly fuses soulful pop melodies with heartfelt ballads, channeling a potent vocal prowess that conveys raw emotion. In her artistic journey, Tina has staked her claim by embodying themes of freedom, vulnerability, and strength. With her debut singles, “Mamnou3” and “Kan Asdi,” amassing over 3 million streams worldwide, Tina quickly ascended as a rising luminary within the regional independent music landscape. She was among the pioneers who introduced the trend of crossover sound to the scene.

Tina Yamout’s musical genre transcends traditional categorizations, intricately weaving together elements of pop, R&B, and Middle Eastern sounds. In both production and composition, she bridges the Western and Oriental worlds, imprinting the Arabic pop music scene with a signature sound that resonates universally with Arab and international audiences alike. Through her lyrics and live performances, Tina endeavors to inspire individuals to discover their inner resilience and unlock their true potential. Her songs frequently explore themes of self-discovery, resilience, and love, striking a chord with a diverse audience who can relate to the common human experiences of struggle and triumph.

Tina’s rise to acclaim commenced with her participation in the renowned TV show Star Academy Arabia, and her distinctive songwriting and stage presence have set her apart as an authentic, well-rounded artist in the music industry. Her live performances are nothing short of enchanting, as she has graced stages alongside celebrated musicians such as Chris De Burgh and Ziad Rahbani. Tina has also performed her original compositions at the prestigious Dubai Opera and headlined The Emigala stage for two consecutive years.