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With a decade of experience in Beirut’s thriving music and nightlife scene, Wassim Bou Malham is no stranger to the world of music. After achieving local and European success with his synth-rock group Who Killed Bruce Lee, Bou Malham has now taken on a new musical alter ego with the release of his self-titled LP Gharam Electric in 2022. The album comprises 9 tracks that showcase Bou Malham’s love for Arabic music culture and his desire to explore the intricacies and complexities of vocal techniques, rhythmic patterns, and melodies that define the sound of his generation. With infectious synth hooks and unique vocal melodies, Gharam Electric’s Futuro-Arab sound transcends genres and cultures, delivering contemporary Arabic music that is both sexy and unpretentious. Bou Malham wrote, performed, and recorded the album himself, collaborating with some of the best instrumentalists from the region to create a musical experience that is as unforgettable as it is unique.

This week, Wass graced the world with the first music video from his electrifying project, featuring the tantalizing single “Kullou Banat” – a love letter to all the fierce Arab women out there. The album’s production was flawlessly finalized by Ammar 808, while Ziad Mouka lent his wizardry as the recording engineer. And let’s not forget about the musical talents of Nidal, Abdo Samwa, Charbel Sawma, and Rami Abou Khalil, who all worked alongside Wass to create this masterpiece. To bring this mesmerizing vision to life, Wass also enlisted the help of some of the most brilliant and like-minded talents around, including fashion designer Salim Azzam, whose garments graced the band with stylish elegance who added: ‘I’ve known Wassim for a long time and have been a big fan of his music. I am honoured that I got the chance to be part of this beautiful release and dress him and everyone who took part in the music video. To me, Wass is a dreamer which is why I wanted to dress him in this night blue romantic sky matched with a 70’s inspired wide pants. The other members of the band were all dressed in outfits with birds flying and singing as a continuation of this sky vision with birds roaming freely in it.’