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Congratulations are in order
The Saudi producer was previously Chairman of the Committee for the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation...

The film industry is flourishing and expanding at a culturally impressive rate, especially given that Saudi Arabia lifted its ban on cinemas in recent years following the pressure from religious conservatives to ban them in the early 1980s, and a part of its growing success is the Red Sea Foundation – an independent, non-profit entity dedicated to promoting film culture in Saudi Arabia.

As part of the organisation as Chairman of the Committee for the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation, Saudi producer Mohammed Al Turki has become a notable figure in successfully bridging the entertainment gap between ‘East and West’ and now, has been appointed as CEO of the Red Sea Film Festival. 

Using his expertise and knowledge (of which spans over 12 years in the Middle East and Hollywood), Al Turki will continue to position the festival as the ultimate platform for emerging talent from the Kingdom and across the region, putting the Red Sea Film Festival on the international map. 

“I am thrilled to be confirmed as CEO of the Red Sea Film Festival Foundation and proud to work with an incredibly talented team as we enter the next phase of our organisation,” said Al Turki about his new role. “This is an exciting, transformative time where creativity plays a crucial role in the country’s cultural renaissance, with a thriving film and art scene and an extraordinary amount of young talent breaking new boundaries and producing content worthy of attention. We want to be at the forefront of navigating the changing cultural landscape, contributing to the global entertainment industry, and serving as a beacon for a new generation of creatives. I look forward to welcoming returning and new guests to Jeddah for our second edition this December.”

The second edition of the festival is due to take place on December 1-10 at the Jeddah Al Balad a UNESCO heritage site. This comes after the successful inaugural edition last December that welcomed more than 30,000 filmgoers and 3,155 industry professionals.

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