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Mushy Things
Welcome to #BuroSpotlights, a platform dedicated to celebrating exceptional Arab talent.

At Buro247 Middle East, we are committed to showcasing and celebrating the extraordinary talent in the Arab world. With our column, #BuroSpotlights, we bring you stories of pioneering artists, innovative designers, tech trailblazers, cinematic visionaries, sports stars, and more. 

This week, #BuroSpotlights homeware brand Mushy. The brainchild of Dina Adlouni and Tarlan Vaziri Farahani, Mushy is a treasure trove of unique finds. Imagine a curated collection where every piece whispers tales of joy and nostalgia—a blend of design objects, home décor, and furniture handpicked to transform spaces. 

Mushy Things

Yet Mushy is more than just a marketplace—it’s a nurturing ground for emerging designers and artists to showcase their talents. Here, creativity knows no bounds, and each product tells a story of passion and inspiration. It’s a space where seasoned designers and up-and-coming talents converge, offering shoppers pieces that bring joy.

Mushy Things

In the virtual aisles of Mushy, shoppers can find unconventional furniture and decor pieces in whimsical designs and cheerful color palettes. Carefully curated, Mushy brings to us a collection of quirky trinkets to elegant furnishings, each piece designed to add a touch of magic to everyday life. With a brand motto that reads “excessively sentimental,” Mushy invites shoppers to embrace a world where happiness reigns supreme, where every purchase is a celebration of life’s beautiful moments.