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Welcome to #BuroSpotlights, a platform dedicated to celebrating exceptional Arab talent.

At Buro247 Middle East, we are committed to showcasing and celebrating the extraordinary talent in the Arab world. With our column, #BuroSpotlights, we bring you stories of pioneering artists, innovative designers, tech trailblazers, cinematic visionaries, sports stars, and more. 

This week, #BuroSpotlights British-Palestinian designer Noor Neiroukh

The creative brain behind the jewelry brand Nurnei, Noor Neiroukh, is a British-Palestinian designer based in Greece. Born in 2019, Nurnei is an ethical jewelry brand that draws inspiration from nature, Neiroukh’s Middle Eastern heritage, and her life in the Mediterranean. With a background in Geology and Geochemistry, Neiroukh moved to Kavala in Greece, aiming to make her career in science. Eager to sharpen her knowledge about jewelry-making, Neiroukh began frequenting local artisanal jewelry workshops in Kavala, where she learned about silversmithing. 

Inspired by the traditional craft of silversmithing, Noor began learning the art from local experts, merging her scientific knowledge with her creative flair. It was, however, a rare gift from her father–coins embossed with “Palestine”–that drove her to establish Nurnei. Neiroukh launched her label with the ‘Coin’ Collection, which replicated these Palestinian coins into medallion necklaces adorned with freshwater pearls and gemstones. 

The ancient method of lost wax casting became her preferred technique, allowing her to create intricate designs that echoed her love for nature’s imperfections and organic shapes. Neiroukh’s scientific background plays a pivotal role in her design process. Her understanding of minerals and gemstones, coupled with her fascination for marine shells, allows her to incorporate unique elements into her jewelry. 

The slower pace of life in Kavala aligns perfectly with the principles of the slow jewelry movement that is at the heart of Nurnei. She designs and creates jewelry only when inspired, ensuring each piece is made with intention and care.

Nurnei’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its practices. Neiroukh emphasizes recycling silver, a byproduct of jewelry making, and encourages her customers to support local jewelers for repairs and maintenance, thereby reducing environmental impact. For Neiroukh, the natural world and her faith are intrinsically linked. Last year, she designed a collection featuring two 33-pearl necklaces crafted with Muslim women in mind. These multifunctional pieces doubled as prayer beads when unclasped.

At Nurnei, the jewels symbolize deep narratives. Take, for example, the ‘Key of Return’ pendant. This pendant represents the Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) of 1948, which forced Palestinians to leave their homeland. Many held on to their home keys in the hope of returning them. 

Further, the Nurnei collection also features a mother-of-pearl Palestine map pendant crafted in Palestine by pearl artisans.

Nurnei also collaborated with St. Regis Abu Dhabi on an exclusive collection, which involved the designer handpicking shells from the Arabian shore and casting them in silver and gold to accurately reflect the region’s unique biodiversity. 

Neiroukh’s work is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures and the profound beauty found in nature and heritage. In sharing her story and the personal connections behind her designs, she invites others to find their own meanings and connections with her pieces. Her decision to embrace her identity as a Muslim woman and reflect it in her work has resonated deeply with her audience, proving that authenticity and intention are the true hallmarks of meaningful design.