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10 Insta-approved hairstyles that will keep you cool in the heat

Summer is *almost* here
Summer is coming. We feel it in the air and in our hair. That's why we've rounded up some easy breezy, hairstyles to give your head, neck and face some welcomed relief...

Winter always goes by too quickly. Just as we’re getting comfortable with the option of doing everything al fresco, we get the first hints of prickly heat and it’s game over – back to A/C life.  

Which means of course, our winter attire retires and we go back to spaghetti straps and shorts. But did you know that your body temperature is affected by how cool/hot your head is, right? So, your hairstyle needs to be considered too if you’re going to get through the heat of the summer without melting on the pavement. 

So, to get that hair off your face, we’ve curated an edit of the best (and cooling) hairstyles that will see you through the summer, whether you have long or short hair…



























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