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Exclusive: Your favourite skincare brand has just launched a haircare range

#HaircareIsTheNewSkincare according to Sisley
Luxury French beauty brand Sisley has just revealed a brand new haircare line that sets to change the way your hair shines...

Luxury French beauty brand Sisley is known for its hyper-diligent, perfectionist approach to creating the very best in skincare. And now, the brand has applied that same approach to its debut range of haircare products. Called Hair Rituel, the line promises to care for your locks and scalp to give you shinier, stronger and most importantly, healthier hair. The line —which has been more than five years in the making — officially launches in the region today on and we exclusively caught up with Jose Ginestar, the brand’s Head of Sisley Research and Development Laboratories, to talk inspirations, ingredients and innovation. 

How was the product created? What was the inspiration behind it?

The project started five years ago with two main observations. The first was that the composition and function of the cells in both the skin and the hair bulb — where the hair is produced and receives all the necessary elements for its growth and beauty  are very similar (major physiological similarities include microcirculation, cell renewal and  pigmentation). Also, the keratin is the constituent element both of the hair fibre and the stratum corneum.

The second was that the factors harming hair’s beauty and youthfulness  whether genetic, environmental or behavioral  are the same ones that damage the skin.

Sisley Research dedicates its expertise in skincare to hair beauty with an innovative and global approach: treating both the scalp and the hair fibre at the same time.

Which ingredients are used in the products?

Active ingredients act in complementarity to treat hair problem in a global way. We’ve used a Ceramide-like active ingredient and cotton proteins to strengthen the hair fibre; vegetable oils to nourish, give shine and smooth; vitamin peptide, Einkorn wheat extract and rice proteins to improve hair density and slow hair loss; minerals and vitamins to increase hair vitality; linseed extract to protect the hair natural colour; and Bisabolol to soothe the scalp.

What sets the Sisley haircare range apart from other haircare brands?

There’s two thing. Its global approach is the first. Hair Rituel products care for two parts of the hair: the hair bulb — the living part at dermis level, and the hair fibre  the visible part.

Alos, in addition to the actives dedicated to the two parts of the hair, we have a huge innovation at the heart of the brand: the active fragrance. More than a fresh and invigorating perfume (Citrus and woody notes of Verbena, lemon, peach blossom and amber), the synergy of three actives (Hinoki and Bay Saint-Thomas essential oils and Mimosa absolute) stimulates the vascular growth factor synthesis and improves the hair’s vitality by contributing to its nutrient supply.  

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Sisley has a strong focus on quality and has created several cult products across the years  how does the haircare range fit into that ethos?

The core values of Sisley are in the deep heart of this new brand, including phytocosmetology, the high concentration of natural active ingredients, global approach for targeted effectiveness but also sensoriality, well-being provided by unique textures and fragrances.

The name of the brand is also very important: more specifically the French word “rituel”  we wanted to make the link with the natural and exclusive approach of the products and also with Sisley’s French roots.

What are the benefits of using Sisley haircare products?

For Sisley, it was crucial to offer the best quality of care for the hair as we do for the skin. We have thus extended our skin care expertise to hair care. Beauty and biology of hair and skin have many similarities but also important specificities which is why Sisley successfully undertook a vast amount of research [ahead of producing the final products].

Thus, Hair Rituel products deliver multiple benefits: revitalise, regenerate, restore shine, nourish, repair, restructure, strengthen, and protect.

In your opinion, what is the most standout product in the range?

The Scalp Serum is our star product, our expert product. By acting at the hair roots level and by targeting the hair follicle stem cells, it regenerates the hairs and give them strength, radiance, vitality and density and slows down loss.

What hair concerns do the products address? 

For devitalised, tired and sensitised hair due to external damage (environment, colouring, blow-drying, hair treatment, etc.) or altered over time. These products are dedicated to all hair and scalp types, even the sensitive ones. 

Sisley Hair Rituel is now available to purchase on

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