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A new Diet Prada-esque Instagram account has opened for the beauty industry

Welcome Estée Laundry
A new Instagram account calling out the beauty industry has emerged. Here's what you need to know...

If you love fashion and Instagram, it’s highly likely you follow Diet Prada. And if you don’t, you should immediately. The Instagram account was designed to call out fashion houses and designers on “taking inspiration” from other houses/designers and has grown to have 800,000 followers and counting. Now, a new account that looks to be exacting the same accountability on the beauty industry has been uncovered. 

According to WWD, Estée Laundry is run by “a worldwide network of beauty insiders who met each other via social media”. The account’s bio reads that its aim is “airing out the beauty industry’s dirty laundry.” Speaking to WWD, a member of the group said, “Diet Prada plays a vital role as a fashion watchdog and we think of ourselves as the beauty industry’s watchdog. Over the years they’ve become less objective. We want to be completley neutral and have no favourites or enemies. We [don’t] attack any brands or person or influencer. We just call out actions that we find unethical on a case-by-case basis.”

One of it’s most recent successes has been the outing of skincare brand Sunday Riley asking employees to write positive reviews on Sephora. The brand confirmed that it had, at one point, asked staff to do this. 

Unlike Diet Prada whose founders recently outed themselves, Estée Laundry says it plans to remain anonymous. “The main point we want to get across is we’re for the people and we want to be a voice for the consumer, the customers. [We’re not interested in] making money or collaborating with brands or influencers. We just want to be the beauty industry watchdog and be there for everyone.” 

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