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Thierry Wasser on his newest fragrance for Guerlain, inspired by the Middle East

Introducing Musc Noble
Guerlain's newest fragrance is inspired by nights spent in the Middle East. Its creator talks us through how the new scent came about...

Thierry Wasser is the man responsible for some of Guerlain‘s most memorable and iconic fragrances. Now, he has created yet another scent for the famed French house but this time, his nose to him to our shores here in the Middle East. Musc Noble blends the sensuality of Arabian nights with the distinct savoir-faire of Wasser and the house of Guerlain fragrance, resulting in a fragrance that transports its wearer as if on an Oriental journey. 

Here, Wasser speaks with Buro 24/7 Middle East contributor Farouk Chekoufi about the new scent, its inspirations and his creative process…

Thierry Wasser

Tell us a little about the inspirations behind and construction of the fragrance?

My inspiration is my trips to Middle East. I love going there, smelling a different environment, meeting these beautiful and gentle people. Musc is a new oriental opus after Santal Royal, Ambre Eternel, Oud Essentiel, which is a tribute to this region.

As for the constriction of the fragrance, well, it is Musc Musc Musc and touch of a rose.

Other than your nose, did you use any other tools to create this fragrance?

My brain is always my main tool to create fragrances. A fragrance is, at first, an idea, a thought. Then I develop the story I want to tell in my mind – “What about associating this type of ingredient with this one, to tell my story”. Then my nose is there to help me evaluate what I’m creating.

Do you classify scents as good or bad? 

There are scents that I like and dislike. But we can’t tell that one is good or bad. It depends on taste and the way we can use it in perfumery.

What makes Musc Noble so unique?

Since I do enjoy my Middle East trips so much, I seized the opportunity to create the best musc in the world.

“My inspiration is my trips to Middle East. I love going there, smelling a different environment, meeting these beautiful and gentle people.”

How many ingredients did you actually put into the formula for this perfume? 

A lot, around 40. I used ingredients like cedar wood, musc, geranium, rose and pink pepper which is very nice and sparkling.

What memories do you associate with this fragrance?

It is a new perfume, so for the moment I have few memories. It just reminds me of my trips [to the Middle East] and beautiful evenings.

What is your typical day like when you’re creating a perfume?

There is no typical day. An idea can come suddenly.

And finally, your favourite stone, colour, fabric, metal and ingredient?

Sapphire, blue, linen, silver and Bulgarian rose.

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