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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Hydration Revival Cleanser
It's time to update your skincare routine!

After days of teasing her loyal Instagram fan following, Charlotte Tilbury finally revealed her latest skincare innovation – the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ Cleanser. Inspired by the transformative effects of a world-class facial, this 3-in-1 cleanser promises to leave your skin cleansed, hydrated, and radiant.

Cleansing is the foundation of any skincare routine. Charlotte Tilbury, however, takes it a step further. Picture this: a cleanser that not only rids your pores of buildup and pollutants but also revitalizes them and leaves them thoroughly moisturized. That’s not all; the new Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ Cleanser also doubles as a primer, effectively prepping your skin for makeup application.

In an exclusive conversation with Buro247ME, Jonathan Reynolds, Director of Scientific Development at Charlotte Tilbury, explained the key ingredients that differentiate the cleanser from other products in the market.

“The secret blend includes the type of ingredients you would typically find in creams and serums, but Charlotte chose to put them in a cleanser. Where cleansers typically strip the skin of moisture, the Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ Cleanser is infused with hyaluronic acid that instantly leaves your skin two times more hydrated after a single cleanse. The cleanser is designed to moisturize your skin for up to 12 hours, even after it’s washed off, he explained.

“Next up, we have a smoothing peptide complex that’s derived from cottonseed, which helps to tighten pores and refine them with every use. In just seven days, the skin appears 97 percent clearer and smoother. By day 15, pores appear smaller and tighter, giving users a flawless-looking base,” Reynolds continued.

Talking about biomimetic technology, Reynolds told us, “Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Magic’ formulas are boosted with innovative biomimetics, which imitates the skin’s natural composition and protective power. The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ Cleanser has a built-in biomimetic barrier shield technology that contains lipids and natural moisturizing factors to help replenish the skin barrier. This helps create a protective shield to lock in moisture to the skin and leave the skin looking plump.”

The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ Cleanser boasts a multi-textured formula. “What makes this cleanser unique is the transforming tri-phase formula, Reynolds explained. “It starts off as a comforting cream before turning into a rich foam when you add some water to it. And then, as you lather, it turns into a purifying, nourishing milk. This sensory experience adds an extra layer of indulgence to your skincare routine, making every cleanse feel like a luxurious spa treatment,” he continued.

Sadaf Jaffar, London’s leading celebrity aesthetician, added, “You don’t actually need so much water. You only need to dampen your fingers and your face and then massage it in. And it just leaves your skin so beautiful and hydrated immediately. Visibly reducing the size of pores, the cleanser helps your skincare and makeup glide onto the skin.”

When asked about the ideal skin prep routine, Jaffar told us, “The Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ Cleanser is the first step of your skincare routine. Then follow up with the potent ‘Magic’ serum and then hydrate and moisturize with either the ‘Magic’ cream or ‘Magic Water’ cream. Finish your skin prep with Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Invisible UV Flawless Primer SPF 50.’

Designed to be the foundation of your beauty regimen, the new Charlotte Tilbury ‘Magic Hydration Revival’ cleanser works in tandem with the brand’s skincare and makeup products. When asked about the one product that complements the cleanser the best, while Jaffar picked the ‘Magic’ cream, Reynold chose the ‘Invisible UV Flawless Primer SPF 50.’