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The best day cream to make you look alive

Can it be an unlimited jar, please?
Puffiness? Crows feet? Dark circles? No problem. This product's got you...

Full disclosure: we have tried every skincare product under the sun. Literally. No joke. We get through them pretty much like water. Some are good to us, others are not so good to us. 

Between ingredients that just don’t sit right on our skin to over-powering scents to icky textures, there are a whole host of reasons why some moisturisers just don’t stick. 

But, I have legit found a product that I have genuinely used everyday for the last 4 months to rave results. 

Behold the Sisley Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron flowers. Now, it’s not neccessarily new to the market but I have been using it since day dot. 

Here’s why it has made me look the most alive ever…

– It’s touted as a day cream, but really, it’s a 2-in-1 genius. 

– I put it on every morning and it gives me that ‘just been to the beach’ glow. All. Day. Long. Thank you cottonseed, macadamia and sunflower oil. 

– The saffron scent (which combats stress) is like a spa on your face = all day serene feels. 

– It’s not called Velvet for nothing. 

– The nourishing factor is so strong, this cream feeds my skin like a buffet, true story. 

– One day I discovered it was an accidental makeup base because it evens out my skin texture. I’ve never looked back since. 

– And on the days I don’t wear makeup, I slap this cream on and it gives me oodles of confidence. 

– If your skin is parched, worry not, this cream has pro-vitamin B5 and glycerine to sort you out. Plus, Japanese lilyturf which withstands droughts. Sand storms, come at us. 

– Tbh, I’d skip every other step in a beauty routine and go with Sisley’s Velvet Nourishing Cream with Saffron flowers. 

So, next time you’re scouting for some skin-saving cream, take the tediousness out of the search and go with this cream. It’s practically become my religion. 

Sisley’s Velvet Nourishing Cream is Dhs780 and is available at Harvey Nichols – Dubai, Bloomingdale’s Dubai and

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