Here’s how to achieve Lady Gaga’s show-stopping Met Gala beauty look

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The superstar arrived in what we can almost describe as the wildest, longest and fakest eyelashes, we've ever seen. But, we still love it...

At the 2019 Met Gala, this year’s co-host Lady Gaga, donned an impressive wardrobe of four (yes, FOUR) different looks on the red carpet however, her beauty look remained the same throughout. Anyway, there wasn’t need for a touch-up as her standout beauty look could go with just about everything (well, if you’re Lady Gaga that is). 

The superstar got her makeup done by artist Sarah Tanno, and it was epic (think ultra-long lashes in black and gold AND teardrop-shaped rhinestones on the lash line).

Tanno shared how she achieved one of the most show-stopping looks on the red carpet via Instagram. Here’s what to take from it…

On the skin…

“I started with the first ever Marc Jacobs Beauty skincare called “Youthquake” moisturiser. It’s the perfect start to add hydration and plump the skin before makeup. I used the Accomplice concealers instead of a foundation and topped with the Accomplice powder for a soft focus natural glow.”

On the eyes…

“Because the eye makeup was so intense I needed to make sure the skin was balanced and beautiful. I used Highliner Gel Crayons on her eyes. Shade “Pink of me” in the waterline to exaggerate. I defined and lined the eyes with Blaquer and then went over with Magic Marc’er in Blaquer. Velvet Noir to coat the lashes before I apply the hand made lashes.

On the lips…

“Lips were Liquid Lip Crayon in Flaming-Oh! and topped with Enamoured Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Sweet Escape!”

BRB. We’re going to try this beauty look out now…

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